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Air In The Sytem

Air in the system is a problem, however, there can be many causes for it and fixes can range from simply tightening something to needing specialist repairers. In this article, we will take you through some troubleshooting to help you figure out where the air is coming from. If you need our help and advice take note of the things mentioned below because we will likely ask you about them.

The first thing to check is the pump lid, take the lid off, make sure the O-ring is in place, and put it back on making sure that it is on tight and not cross-threaded. A small air bubble in the lid is not an issue, it is normal

Next check the cleaner, keeping it below water level feel the suction, and see if it is strong, if it is weak slowly move along the hose, lift each length of hose just out of the water, and listen along the length for a hissing sound if you find it remove that length of hose. Once you've checked them all feel the suction again, if the suction is strong again let it run for a while and see if the system is full of water again.


If that doesn't work take the skimmer plate out and run the pool if the system fills back up with water quickly you will need to contact us as this will require a leak detector. When you get in contact tell us that you have performed this test.

If you are losing a lot of water and suspect you have a leak take a bucket of pool water and place it next to the skimmer, mark the water level in the bucket and the skimmer. In a day or two check the level in both and measure it, if the change is the same it is just evaporation if the pool has lost more then you likely have a leak. Get in touch with us and tell us that you have performed the bucket test.

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