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Introducing the latest in Robotic Pool Cleaners, the BWT Cosmy has a whole lot of technology packed into less than 6kg making it easy to carry to and from the pool. Made simple with an elegant design and two stage planetary gear technology, this robot gets the job done with the touch of a button. Available in 4 different models and 8 Different Colours*, find the cleaner that suits your needs and matches your pool surrounds. For more information come talk to us in store or give us a call.


Available with a Dual layer filter for finer filtering, Bluetooth smart phone App and 3 different cleaning cycles to choose from. All are built with a smart navigation gyroscope which allows it to detect if the pool has a beach entry.  



The Cosmy comes in blue Lagoon but in a first for robotic cleaners, you have the freedom to change the look of your cleaner by just unclipping the coloured panel's and replacing them with 7 other colours available for purchase.

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