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Chlorinator Operation

Chlorinators are an extremely useful piece of pool equipment and something that we would recommend for almost all pools, however, they are not always straightforward to operate. In this article we will be using our recommended brand, the Lincoln Saltwater Chlorinator, as our example, although this may be cross applicable, if you are having any issues give us a call.

For optimal results we suggest having your chlorinator running on its timer instead of manual operation, it should run between 6 and 8 hours in summer and 4 to 6 hours in winter unless you have a blanket.  To do this press the mode button until the screen displays mode: timer, you will then need to set the timer.

To set the timer press the menu button, use the arrow buttons to scroll down until the selector is pointing at the timer option, press enter. You will then see a screen that has 24 characters on it, they will be empty squares, the letter 'C' or 'P'. An empty square is off, a 'C' means chlorinator, and 'P' means pump only. Use the arrow to scroll through and the enter button to change the selection for each hour block.

If you need to run the pool outside its normal hours or as a one-off, cycle through the modes until you reach the option that says mode: on, in this state, the chlorinator will run with the pump until you change the mode or turn it off. The chlorinator will have other options and modes however we recommend just sticking with these basics.

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