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There are times when pool water gets so dirty that it simply can't be recovered with standard chemicals as mud and dirt may have washed in and the pool is now brown. This is when it is time to use a floc. A powerful Coagulant called a Flocculant drops suspended mud or particles to the bottom of the pool to then be vacuumed out of the pool. Always consult us if you are unsure whether to floc or not or if any of these instructions don't make sense. Please see below for some quick points to floccing a pool;

  • Firstly, do you have a manual vacuum and the ability to vacuum to waste either through a waste line or down the drain? If not please call us for what options you may have.

  • Top up the pool level as high as you can and scoop out as much debris as you can, even if you can't see it.

  • Set up the manual vacuum and leave it sitting in the pool.

  • Turn the filter to RECIRCULATE, or remove the cartridge, depending on what type of filter you have.

  • Add the Floc to the skimmer box.

  • Run for 6-8 hours on RECIRCULATE.

  • Turn off for 24-48 hours or until debris has settled on the bottom of the pool.

  • Turn the filter to waste and use the manual vacuum, avoid fast movements that may stir the debris up.

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