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Taking Equipment Off

If you ever have a problem with your equipment the most efficient way to get it in working order again is to bring it to us so we can have a look at it and let you know what the next step will be.

To do this you need to take the equipment off, in this guide we will give you step-by-step advice on how to take different pieces of equipment off.

Suction Cleaner:

Before you remove it, while the system is running, place your fingers at the end of the cleaner, keeping it underwater, and feel how strong the suction is. If it is weak work your way back up to the skimmer until you find strong suction or you reach the skimmer. Make sure the skimmer and the pump baskets are empty.

While the system is not on lift the cleaner out of the water and detach it from the hose, unplug the remaining hose from the skimmer, and remove the plate. Then bring the cleaner into us.


First Is there any white buildup on the cell, second are there bubbles coming off the cell?

Most importantly, Is your equipment above or below water level. If it is above you can just remove your equipment, however, if it is below there will be valves in the pipe that need to be shut off to stop all the water from running out when you take the cell out. Before you turn the valves off make sure your system is off, and that no timers will turn it on.

The chlorinator consists of two components the box on the wall and the cell. Unplug the box and lift it off the wall, it should just be hanging there. To remove the cell unscrew the locking ring and slide the cell out of the clear housing, and bring it all into us as one unit.


Firstly make sure there is no debris in the basket, and take note of, or even record any strange noises the pump is making. Just like with the chlorinator you then need to ascertain whether the equipment is above or below the water level, if below locate the valves on the equipment and turn them to the off position, once this is done unplug the pump. The pump will be attached to the pipe with two unions, unscrew these to remove the pump, you may need to use multigrips if the unions are tight. Once this is done empty out as much water as you can and bring it into us.

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