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Filter Maintinance

The filter is possibly the most important part of any pool setup. The two most common filters today are Sand Filters and Cartridge Filters. Maintenance is essential to keeping a pool looking clean. Although a cartridge will need to be replaced periodically sand should never need replacing if properly maintained. Here you will find a step-by-step guide for maintaining both types of filters.

Sand Filter:

Sand Filters can have different types of media other than sand, like Glass or Zeobrite media which does breakdown over time unlike sand. To maintain the filter, a backwash is required once a month, some simple steps but not limited to are below to follow;


  • To backwash first, turn the equipment off and make sure all valves on the pipes are open including the waste line

  • Next, turn the valve on top of the filter to the option labeled Backwash

  • Turn the pump on and let it run for 2-3 minutes, if there is a sight-glass on your filter you want the water to be clear before finishing this step.

  • Once that is done turn the pump off and turn the filter round to rinse

  • Turn the pump on and run for 30 seconds or until the sight glass looks clear

  • Turn the pump off and turn the filter handle back round to filter

  • Return the system to its normal running settings

Cartridge Filter:

The Cartridge in the filter will last on average 5 years, to ensure it is effective and you get the most out of it it also needs to be cleaned regularly, around once a month is ideal.

  • First, is your water above or below water level, if bellow turn the valves to the off position, if above disregard

  • Next, you need to turn the system off and unscrew the lid of the filter and remove the cartridge

  • Place the cartridge on the ground and use a hose to rinse it out, DO NOT USE A HIGH PRESSURE HOSE

  • Once the water coming out of the cartridge is clear, place the cartridge back in the filter

  • Put the lid back on and turn the valves back to the open position, turn the system back on

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